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Load securely and encrypted – very easy and online – at WOWWW! Your Internet and cell phone credit to.

Sales are made in the name and for the account of A1 Telekom Austria AG. Network operator: A1 Telekom Austria AG. The General Terms and Conditions of WOWWW! of A1 Telekom Austria AG, including the service descriptions and fee provisions, shall apply in the currently valid version.

We would be happy if you also top up your credit soon at WOWWW!

  • Wowww Ladebon 10 €
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    WOWWW! € 10,-

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  • Wowww Ladebon 20 €
    WOWWW! Charge receipt

    WOWWW! € 20,-

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  • Wowww Ladebon 40€
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    WOWWW! € 40,-

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  • Wowww Ladebon 5€
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    WOWWW! € 5,-

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  • Wowww Data L Paket
  • Wowww Data S Paket
  • Wowww Data XL Paket
  • Wowww Data XXL Paket

The process is this simple

Shop online and redeem immediately. You can enter your cell phone number directly at the time of purchase, so that the purchased credit will be added directly to your mobile device.

Alternatively, you can have the charge receipt sent to you by e-mail. To recharge, simply dial 810820 and follow the voice or alternatively enter the following numbers in your phone: *122*recharge code*security code#handset key. Example: *122*123456789123*1234#.

In addition, you can:

Query credit: *121#Hooker key
Query packets: *123#hear key

Buy online recharge voucher now and recharge your device directly at the time of purchase!

Do you have any questions?

Then send us a message to [email protected] or call our hotline.

WOWWW! network: 810880
other networks: 0681 810880

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